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Brief Introduction of Golden Nest


The Golden Nest International Group (Pty) Ltd. is a company with its main office registered in the Republic of South Africa. Since its establishment in 1997, the company has evolved from a small construction company with a few management staff into a large, multinational operation with its business interests ranging from construction, property development, coal conversion technology development, petroleum exploration, news media, tourism and trading.


The headquarters of the group is in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, with branches located in Luanda, Angola; Lubumbashi, DRC and Juba South Sudan. The group also has its offices in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Hong Kong.


The core business of Golden Nest International Group is property development, construction, coal conversion process development and petroleum exploration; there are more than ten subsidiary companies fully or partially owned by the group. The total work force of the group is approximately 2,000-strong; among them about 200 are technical and managerial personnel. The company had been involved in various construction projects in China, South Africa, Angola and South Sudan, including the construction of school, hospital, government administrative building and medium and low cost housing, etc. The annual turnover of the group for recent years, which is currently generated mainly from its construction and development business, is approximately US$ 100 million per annum.


In January 1999, group funding assisted with the establishment of the Chinese newspaper “China News”, the first Chinese newspaper operated by Mainland Chinese in Southern Africa. Currently, the “China News” has become one of the major Chinese media in African continent.


Golden Nest International Group has established close cooperative relationships with South African and Chinese companies and institutions, such as the South African Academy of Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, China Africa Development Fund and China Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation, etc, to implement broad and effective cooperation between China and South Africa in the field of technology development, establishing commercial projects, development of mineral and energy resources and the introduction of Chinese investment into South Africa and other African countries.


In 2005, the group started its research & development (R&D) project to develop a new generation of conversion technology based on the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process, focusing on Coal to Liquid (CTL) and Gas to Liquid (GTL) technology. Through six years of the first phase of the R&D work, including laboratory experiments in the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, FT catalyst R&D in Chinese institutes and the design, construction and operation of an industrial scale pilot plant in China, a new generation of FT process technology, as well as the related gas cleanup technology, has been developed and is ready for commercialization. Golden Nest International Group is now the owner of the worldwide rights of its proprietary CTL, GTL and gas cleanup technologies. The developed FT technology offers reduced CO2 emissions, reduced capital and operating costs, as well as simpler operation, easy and reliable scalability. This technology is suitable for utilizing the feedstock of stranded, associated and main coal and natural gas resources, as well as non-conventional resources like waste generated syngas, Coal Bed Methane and shale gas.


Golden Nest International Group’s subsidiary, Clean Coal Technology South Africa (Pty) Ltd., is now actively involved in the commercialization of the developed technologies worldwide to develop CTL, GTL and Waste to Liquid commercial projects in the countries like China, US, Mozambique, India, Indonesia and Poland. Clean Coal Technology South Africa (Pty) Ltd, together with its partners, has become one of the few companies in the world who can provide turnkey solution for potential clients to build commercial FT plants. .


In April 2009, Golden Nest International Group signed a Production Sharing Contract with the Cameroonian National Oil & Gas Company – SNH – to embark on an oil and gas exploration project in the Zina and Makary blocks in Northern Cameroon. Golden Nest established its own oil and gas exploration and drilling team, capable of implementing any exploration project on the African Continent. After having completed the exploration programme during the last four years, including microbiological exploration, 2D-seismic surveys and drilling exploration wells, the initial results indicated that huge potential oil and gas reserves do exist in the oil blocks. Currently, continuous exploration operations are planned which will include drilling additional exploration wells and 3D- seismic surveys.    


In the civil and construction field, Golden Nest International Group (Pty) Ltd., with its associated companies, has tremendous experience in terms of civil engineering design and construction. Golden Nest started its property and construction operation in South Africa from 1994. Large-scale construction operations have been continuously carried out in Angola since 2000. One of the core business capabilities of the group is still property development and the related design, construction, installation and trade in construction materials. The group has over 100 units of large and medium size construction machines and its own plants to manufacture construction material elements, such as plastic pipes and precast reinforced concrete components. The accumulated completed building area in Southern Africa is over 600 000 m2. The construction projects, which had been completed or involved in by Golden Nest International Group, are allocated in countries like China, South Africa, Angola, South Sudan and the DRC.